Why do designers love hemp so much ?

Hemp, also known as thread hemp, cold hemp, cloud hemp, etc., has more than ten kinds of aliases.
Known as the “King of Natural Fibers”, it is called “the most perfect fiber ever discovered by human beings” by European and American experts.

Hemp is full of treasures, and its fibers are typical functional and environmentally friendly rare and precious textile fibers.
It has the characteristics of moisture absorption, breathability, comfortable heat dissipation, anti-mildew and anti-bacteria, and anti-ultraviolet radiation, which is of great benefit to human health.

Therefore, hemp fabrics are widely used to make hemp clothing, hemp T-shirts, hemp hoodies, hemp sweatshirts, hemp pants, hemp shorts, hemp skirts, etc.

· Moisture absorption and breathability, comfortable heat dissipation ·

The elongated cavity in the hemp fiber is connected with many cracks and small holes distributed longitudinally on the fiber surface,
It has the ability to quickly absorb, dehumidify and breathe. Hemp products exposed to the air can generally contain up to 12% moisture, and the maximum moisture content can reach 30%.
The moisture wicking property of hemp fiber is 3 times that of cotton, and the air permeability is 10 times that of cotton.

· Antibacterial and deodorizing, absorbing odors·

Hemp fiber has a unique anti-mold and bactericidal function, which is scientifically due to the fact that hemp fiber has many gaps and holes.
This special structure makes it rich in oxygen, making it impossible for anaerobic bacteria to survive.

Studies have shown that: hemp fiber can significantly hinder the metabolism and physiological activities of fungi and cause the death of fungi.
Taking four common germs as the experimental targets: the antibacterial rate of hemp fiber against Staphylococcus aureus was 100%, the antibacterial rate against Escherichia coli was 90.87%,
The antibacterial rate against Pseudomonas aeruginosa is 94.19%, and the antibacterial rate against Candida albicans is 99.41%.

After testing, the hemp fabric can completely eliminate the bacteria attached to it within one hour!

The silk hemp mat with excellent air permeability and antibacterial properties is a master at “curing” heat rash and will definitely bring you a different refreshing experience

· Anti-ultraviolet radiation ·

The cross-section of the hemp fiber is irregular polygon, triangle, etc., and the cavity is linear or oval.
The molecular structure of hemp is polygonal, relatively loose, with spiral lines, and the sound waves and light waves are irradiated.
A part forms multilayer refraction or is absorbed, and a large amount forms diffuse reflection. Therefore, hemp fiber and its products have a good dissipation effect on sound waves and light waves.

Tested by the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences: Ordinary clothing can only block 30%-90% of ultraviolet rays,
The general hemp fabric can shield more than 95% of ultraviolet rays without special finishing.
Hemp canvas, etc. can even block 100% of ultraviolet radiation.

·Heat resistance, sunlight resistance, corrosion resistance and antistatic·

Hemp fiber has good heat resistance, can withstand high temperature of 370°C, has good light fastness, and has good seawater corrosion resistance.
Therefore, hemp textiles are especially suitable for sunscreen clothing and various work clothes with special needs.
At the same time, due to its stable fiber molecular structure, good molecular alignment and orientation, the ability to generate static electricity is extremely low.
In addition, it has good moisture absorption performance and can avoid static electricity accumulation.
According to tests, compared with cotton, chemical fiber and other fibers, hemp has the lowest static electricity generated by friction in the air.

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