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① There has been a surge in applications for cannabis derivative business licenses in Minnesota, USA.

More than 1,000 companies and entrepreneurs have applied for business licenses to enter Minnesota’s booming market for low-dose cannabis-derived products. The Minnesota Department of Health told The Minnesota Post that the approaching Oct. 1 application deadline has boosted application submissions, which have more than doubled from mid-August to 1,250. According to the Minnesota Department of Health, the application deadline applies to any business, including liquor stores, that “sells cannabinoid products containing THC, CBD, or both.” Registration is free. Once registration is complete, operators will receive a registration certificate and unique ID number via email. Under Minnesota’s adult-use marijuana legalization law that took effect in May, a new batch of registered businesses will face new regulations and taxes. The law also transfers regulation of cannabis-derived products from the Food and Drug Administration to the Department of Health’s Office of Medical Cannabis. In May 2022, Minnesota passed a groundbreaking state law allowing the sale of cannabis-derived tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) edibles in mainstream retail stores such as grocery stores and convenience stores, while the recreational and medical marijuana markets are largely prohibited distribution channels. Manufacturers and sellers of marijuana-derived products in Minnesota have since gained largely regulatory freedoms. When the law took effect last July 1, the state allowed retailers to sell hemp-derived THC products without a license, triggering a wave of product innovation and retail opportunities. These dynamics have helped make Minnesota the hottest market for low-dose cannabis-derived THC drinks in the country — and probably anywhere else.

② Democrats in Wisconsin, USA, have launched a new campaign to legalize marijuana.

Wisconsin Democratic lawmakers are once again pushing to legalize medical and adult-use marijuana in the state, one of 10 states without some form of legal MJ program. Co-sponsors have until Sept. 29 to express support for the draft legislation co-authored by state Sen. Melissa Agard and Rep. Darrin Madison, the daily news site Wisconsin Examiner reported. The legislation includes a measure to earmark 60 percent of marijuana tax revenue for communities disproportionately affected by prohibition, the Examiner reported. This spring, Agard toured the state promoting marijuana legalization. Earlier this month, Gov. Tony Evers expressed his commitment to legalizing marijuana, despite attempts earlier this year being blocked by Republican state lawmakers. According to a press release announcing the draft legislation, approximately 69% of Wisconsinites support full legalization of marijuana. “It’s long past time for our country to respect the wishes of the majority and seize the many positive economic and social benefits that would come from legalizing marijuana,” Agard said in a statement.

③ The Dutch government announced the start date of the cannabis pilot project and will begin its cannabis trials in the cities of Breda and Tilburg in December.

The Dutch government recently confirmed that it plans to start a trial on December 15 this year. The Dutch government wrote that the latest planning shows that two legal growers are expected to be ready to deliver to coffee shops in the fourth quarter of 2023. This was enough to launch the experimental phase in Breda and Tilburg. During this phase, participating coffee shops from these cities can offer legally grown and permitted products. The next two growers are expected to start supplying coffee to coffee shops in Breda and Tilburg in February 2024. Breda and Tilburg are located in the south of the country, close to the Belgian border. The program’s timeline begins with a “launch phase” and will last up to 6 months. The initiative in the start-up phase was proposed by the mayors of Breda and Tilburg and supported by the Minister of Health, hemp tees Welfare and Sports Ernst Kuipers and the Minister of Justice and hemp sweatshirt Security Yeşilgöz-Zegerius, which is An opportunity for small-scale experimentation around legal production and distribution chains. According to Forbes, coffee shops can continue to obtain cannabis products from illegal sources during the six weeks that new legal suppliers are phased in. After the transition phase, the experimental phase will begin. HEMP DRESS The government added that from that moment on, participating coffee shop owners can only sell regulated cannabis.

④ Method Man’s small-batch cannabis arrives in New York, and TICAL cannabis will be sold in cannabis stores in New York State.

On September 15, Method Man’s cannabis brand TICAL (Taking Into Consideration All Lives) announced that it would cooperate with Central Processors NY, one of the largest processors in New York, and Adirondack Cannabis Company to enter the New York adult-use cannabis market. . CPU’s pre-rolled and edible products will hemp joggers launch first, with more products to follow in the coming months. Starting last week, Love Jones pre-rolls and edibles under TICAL’s official cannabis catalog will be available in advance at select retailers including Housing Works, Strain Stars, hemp shirts Stage One, greens Spot, Flynnstoned and William Jane Herbal IQ. Sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Method Man began his career on the streets of New York and has hemp t-shirts spent his life and career consuming and advocating for cannabis. Data shows that New York is the largest cannabis consuming hemp shorts state in the world, and growing. hemp jacket Through cannabis, culture and hip-hop, TICAL’s founders came together. “Tical” is the name of Method Man’s debut studio album, released on November 15, 1994 by Def Jam Records. “Tical” is also slang for the name of tightly rolled, small-batch, high-quality herbs soaked in syrup or honey, which is why Tical is associated with the best producers on the market in every state.

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