The king of natural fibers, how much do you know about HEMP ?

Among all clothing fabric fibers, hemp has always been hailed as the “king of natural fibers”, and has been called “the most perfect fiber discovered by human beings so far” by European and American experts.

Hemp is full of treasures. Its fiber is a typical functional and environmentally friendly rare textile fiber. It has the characteristics of moisture absorption, breathability, comfort, heat dissipation, mildew resistance, antibacterial, and radiation resistance, and is of great benefit to human health. So we develop many hemp products for our customers – hemp knit jersey and hemp woven fabric for the hemp clothing.

[Comfortable to wear, no itching]

Hemp monofilament is the softest of all hemp fibers, and its fineness is only one-third of that of ramie, which is equivalent to that of cotton fiber. The top of the hemp fiber is blunt and round, without the sharp ends like ramie and flax. Therefore, hemp textile products are soft and fit to the body, and can avoid the itching and roughness of other hemp textiles without special treatment. The hemp t shirt is very comfortable for summer season, the hemp short is also a better option. hemp clothing

[Moisture-absorbing and breathable, cool to take]

There hemp hoody are slender cavities in the hemp fiber, which are connected with many cracks and small holes distributed longitudinally on the surface of the fiber, which has excellent capillary effect, which makes the hemp fiber particularly good in moisture absorption, perspiration and air permeability.

Taking hemp canvas as an example, hemp pants mens it has been tested by the National Textile Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center, and its moisture absorption rate reaches 243mg/min, and its moisture dissipation efficiency is as high as 12.6mg/min. According to calculations, wearing hemp clothing can make the human body feel about 5°C lower in temperature than cotton fabrics, and feel cooler than chemical fiber fabrics. In hot summer, 100 hemp clothing even if the temperature is as high as 38°C, wearing hemp clothes will not feel too hot.

【Bacteriostasis and deodorization, odor absorption】

Hemp fiber has a unique anti-mold and bactericidal function. Scientifically speaking, hemp clothing wholesale this function is due to the elongated cavity in the hemp fiber, which is rich in oxygen, so that anaerobic bacteria cannot survive. According to the results of the American AATCC90-1982 qualitative antibacterial method test, hemp sweater the antibacterial zone diameters of several microorganisms representing pyogenic bacteria, intestinal bacteria and fungi for untreated and washed hemp canvas are: gold Staphylococcus aureus 9.1mm; Pseudomonas aeruginosa 7.6mm; Escherichia coli 10mm; Candida albicans 6.3mm. The antibacterial zone diameter greater than 6mm is considered to have antibacterial effect.

Notes on bactericidal properties in other versions:

Hemp contains trace amounts of hemp phenols and more than ten kinds of trace elements that are beneficial to human health. Experiments hemp shorts mens have proved that the hemp fabric can eliminate all the bacteria attached to it within one hour, so the finished garment has the functions of natural antibacterial, green health care, odor absorption and sewage discharge. (Most antibacterial products on the market are added with chemicals);

【Anti-ultraviolet radiation, dissipate sound waves】

The cross-section of the hemp fiber is irregular polygon, triangle, etc., and the cavity is linear or oval. The molecular structure of hemp is polygonal, relatively loose, and has spiral lines. When sound waves and light waves are irradiated, part of it forms multi-layer refraction or is absorbed, and a large amount of diffuse reflection is formed. Therefore, hemp fiber and its products have a good dissipation effect on sound waves and light waves. Tested by the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: Ordinary clothing can only block 30%-90% of ultraviolet rays, while ordinary hemp fabrics can block more than 95% of ultraviolet rays without special finishing, and hemp canvas can even block 100% of ultraviolet radiation.

【Heat resistance, sun resistance and corrosion resistance】

Hemp fiber has good heat resistance, can withstand high temperature of 370°C, has good light fastness and seawater corrosion resistance, so hemp textiles are especially suitable for sunscreen clothing and various work clothes with special needs.


The molecular structure of hemp fiber is stable, the orientation degree of molecular arrangement is good, and the ability to generate static electricity is extremely low. Coupled with good hygroscopicity, hemp textile products exposed to the air generally have a moisture content of about 12%. When the air humidity is 95%, the moisture content can reach 30%. According to tests, compared with cotton, silk, chemical fiber and other fibers, hemp has the lowest static electricity generated by friction in the air.

[No pesticide and fertilizer residues]

Its growth does not require any chemical drugs, hemp clothing mens and it can resist various diseases and insect pests by itself. It is a typical green crop. This product is the same as organic cotton, and has become a globally recognized ecological and environmental protection characteristic resource and a rare and precious resource. It is not comparable to ordinary cotton spinning products and linen spinning products.

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