Summer Hemp Clothing|Not afraid of the heat

Midsummer is here, and the heat is in full swing. Except air conditioner, watermelon, ice cream
What could be the salvation of summer, I think it should be the hemp clothing !

Light of our hemp fabrics as smoke, ethereal and elegant, thin and stylish, cool into the skin, also known as “the fabric woven with moonlight”,

like pure gold and jade, plain and matte, just like the cool and cold moonlight pouring on the body. The hemp clothing is the best selection for the summer season.

Dispel dryness and heat from the inside out, purify the body and mind
In the “sticky” midsummer, it also carries a natural sense of breathing
Maintain a state of tranquility, clarity and mindfulness
Hemp clothes cools off the scorching heat, and coolness comes from the absence of wind.

“Wearing the hemp tee shirts, I even thought of taking a walk in the sun to collect the sound of the earth breathing and fill the gaps in summer.”

Wearing hemp summer clothes, the body temperature will be 5 ℃ lower than that of ordinary fabrics, with a cool experience like “drafting wind”. The pure hemp fabric and simple texture, simple and soft colors are full of poetic and picturesque temperament, and also show the elegance and affection of the owner.

“Ephemera digging, hemp clothing is like snow”, “The pond in the east gate can retting hemp”, the Chinese hemp weaving technology has a history of more than 6,000 years, and the textiles made of hemp fiber are recorded in the “Book of Songs”. Hemp fleece fabric is very good for making hemp hoody and hemp sweatshirts. Hemp keeps you warm and soften.

Hemp fabric absorbs sweat, dissipates heat, and is breathable. It can be said to “breathe”. When you sweat a little, it can be absorbed by the fabric to keep the skin dry. In ancient times when there was no air conditioning, linen clothes, watermelons, and cattail fans together constituted a way to “eliminate summer”, allowing the ancients to survive the scorching heat. The fabric woven with it is as light as smoke, soft and fits the body, without the itching and roughness of other linen textiles. It is known as the “human second skin”. So hemp t-shirts and hemp shorts can give a cool summer.

Hemp Clothes are a kind of “space” that accompanies people to walk, a kind of contact with the skin, a kind of blooming to express the mood, and an interpretation of embracing freshness… In order to expand the wearing experience of different people, we design women’s clothing without tailoring , men’s and children’s clothing for the entire series of summer clothes. The appearance looks similar, but the version and details are different, which can meet the wearing needs of a family.

Hemp Organic Cotton T-shirt

Elegant, noble, comfortable, indifferent like poetry

  1. Hemp women’s Clothing

This summer jacket is made from hemp knit jersey fabric. In hemp, a small amount of mulberry silk and cotton fibers are introduced to interweave to form a texture, which has the simple toughness of hemp, the smoothness and softness of silk, and the natural skin-friendlyness of cotton.

After “air washing”, hemp fabric is as light as smoke, and its existence can only be felt by touching. The flowing clouds are light, the waves are slightly wrinkled, and the shadow of the moon shines through the gauze. In the folds, there is the coolness of the wind, and the appearance of years of precipitation.

  1. Hemp Men’s Clothing

The men’s hemp clothing is mainly based on simple and straight lines, the overall is clean and neat, and the creamy white is restrained and versatile, and it can be worn with its own style.

  1. Children’s clothing

Children’s design, the overall loose feeling, mostly curved lines, partly decorated with contrasting colors, lively and lovely.

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