Hemp Textiles

We have our own gray fabric factory, spin the highest quality sustainable hemp yarn, and weave natural and environmentally friendly hemp jersey and hemp canvas with love.
We have conventional products, and can also be customized according to your requirements, customize dyeing.
We look forward to having a wonderful cooperation with you and bringing more environmentally friendly products to our earth.

Hemp Knit Fabrics
We produce many kinds of hemp knit fabric – hemp knit jersey, hemp french terry, hemp fleece, hemp waffle, hemp rib, hemp pique, etc.
They are great for casual clothing – hemp t-shirts, hemp skirts, hemp pants, hemp long sleeves, hemp shorts, hemp sweatshirts, hemp hoodies and more
We have professional technicians who can develop and customize new products according to your requirements

Hemp Woven Fabrics
Hemp woven fabrics are widely used in the field of hemp clothing.
We produce hemp fabrics of different weights to meet customer needs.
Our fabric is very suitable for making hemp pants, hemp shorts, hemp short sleeves,
hemp long sleeves, hemp jackets , hemp blazer and other styles of hemp clothing.