Hemp Garments

One Stop Garment Manufacturer

Our company is a textile and garment manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience, serving hundreds of brands worldwide.

We use the highest quality hemp and organic cotton yarns, have our own greige fabric production workshop and garment factory, and control the quality from beginning.

The hemp and organic cotton blended fabric is natural and environmentally friendly, soft and comfortable, and has natural antibacterial properties. It is very suitable for hemp daily clothing, casual clothing, home clothing, etc.

We produce fabrics and garments by ourselves, and can develop and produce according to customers’ craft orders or samples.

Hemp clothing has a variety of styles, which can meet the needs of different customers. It is definitely the piece of clothing that you never want to change after you put it on.

We choose sustainable and most environmentally friendly hemp fabrics for our hemp shorts, hemp pants and hemp joggers.

According to your design and needs, we choose hemp terry, hemp waffle, and hemp canvas to produce various styles of hemp bottoms.

Hemp Clothing – Hemp Dress

Hemp dresses are indispensable summer clothing for ladies.
We perfectly blend the breathable and environmentally friendly hemp fabric with your design,
which is elegant and comfortable, and will definitely appear in your wardrobe.

Why Choose Hemp Clothing ?

Hemp is called the second skin of human beings. It is environmentally friendly, comfortable, breathable, and has natural antibacterial properties. It is the clothing you can trust all year round.

Hemp Clothing – Hemp Knitwear