About Us

Our Mission

The establishment of Qingdao Natural Source Textiles Co Ltd is based on our belief in environmental protection. We believe that natural environmental protection and sustainable development can be perfectly combined with fashion clothing. We have been in the hemp field for more than 10 years, always adhering to our beliefs, and cooperating with many like-minded brands to protect our earth together.

Our unique position as a vertically integrated producer gives us greater control over every part of the production process. We source the most environmentally friendly fibers, spin the highest quality yarns, and produce natural and environmentally friendly hemp fabrics and hemp clothing.

Do you need a partner to build          your brand?

We have over 10 years of apparel production experience in development and production.

We know the pain small businesses go through when starting or growing a new brand. Our targeted OEM solutions, strategic and business sourcing solutions and services are designed for product manufacturing on a budget.

Our team of manufacturing and design consulting experts are dedicated to simplifying and educating you to maximize your capital and save you money with lower MOQs


Our yarns are GOTS certified, which allows us to ensure the environmental protection of our products from the source.
The cooperative dyeing factory is also OEKO TEX certified to ensure that our dyes meet international standards.

Social Responsibility

In addition, social responsibility is also a part that our company attaches great importance to, and our company provides workers with the healthiest working conditions, including medical benefits, safety insurance, regular salary increases, vacations, and community building. We hope that employees grow together with our company.


Some feedback from our clients

Natural Source is a great team, consider things very meticulous, thoughtful, really happy to work with you gues !

Ethan Lucas

The quality of the fabric is very good, exactly what we wanted, will definitely order again, thanks to the Natural Source team

Ryan Lynch

I received the hemp clothing, the workmanship and quality amazed me, it is really great. I have seen my bestseller products, looking forward to more cooperation with Natural Source, thank you !!

Francesca Oliver